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 True Buddhism which became the base of Japanese Buddhism.Shingonmijyo

◆ Angel of the Moon ◆(tukinotenshi)



 Kukai (Kobo Daishi) brought home from China and was secretly informed by oral tradition

The powerful mystery secret of Shingon Buddhism,

I will use it for you who live in contemporary times Ikeda Kanri riot killed.


 Funny, fortune-telling etc. do not compare.

I am confident.


What is different from Shingon Buddhism and other Buddhist teachings in Shingon Buddhism,

Do not forbid that having greed, do not forbid it,

Rather it is in the place that it wishes only to be granted.



Originally true bodhisattva of Shingon sect which Kukai (Kobo Daishi) secretly brought home in Japan.

Genuine spiritual appraisal, exclusion, prayer, spirit, and spirituality by its expert testimonials.



From warlords who left a number of historically great names,

Politicians, business people topple,

A secret treasure that made it possible to establish the position honorable in future generations.

Sometimes it's enough to move the subject as he thinks, sometimes to curse it.

Such a technique was really there.

And continues to be inherited also in modern times.

It is because you have freedom if you can make use of those with abilities

It is inherited.


An arcane which can only be used by those who have the blood of the shingonmikkyo Buddhist experts

Quantum mechanics, Reiki, Qigong, Kundalini,

 Einstein and others

Kaori Ikeda ´sExorcia is the most authoritative in Japan.

Wave and light energy such as quantum mechanics of elementary particles

We fused together and evolved to content that was close to those living in modern times,

Ikeda Kaori ´s" Shichihakoukijutu"

Please experience the law of attracting miracles.


◆ tukinotenshi◆ I want to know the querier 's current present Future,

We will answer the coping method etc for your troubles that no one can talk about in Shinto religion spirituality.


Love, marriage, family, childbirth, work, moving, human relations, physical health problems,

Spiritual disorder, female child retirement, past trauma resolution method, previous life therapy, spiritual guardian word, aura color,

Number spirit (Kazudama), marriage, etc. · · · various reasons of unknown phenomenon,

The inner face of others, the real feelings of a favorite person,


Search for important people and things, what to do for self realization ...

We will also tell you the words we call the deceased one.


Other, excluding spirit, wave correction, Ikeda formula Reiki Seven wave light technique(Shichihakoukijyutu), prayer, and a spiritual marker are also available.


There are few people who do not need excavation, wave corrections.

For that reason, there is no additional fee even if you exclaimer, wave corrections at appraisal.

 Dirty houses and evil feelings, purification of floating spirits, deception, boundary insemination, number spirits as well

If it is within the appraisal time, no additional fee will be incurred.



I am going to improve even if any real spirit, wave correction, prayer is sick, mental suffering.

Indeed, those who really declared their remaining life expectancy, and those who did not have specifications in Western medicine

Cancer has gone, I can live healthy I can walk,

Depression has cured, an unbelievable miracle has happened

We are pleased by the countless number of consultants.


Exciterion, wave correction, prayer, seven wave light aeration,

Everything will be raised on the spot at the time of appraisal, and we will use the art.

I will also sing you sir in the phone mouth even in phone appraisal.



British witch, using deeper technique than South American shaman.



We are doing our best every day so that we can hope for the needs of our clients at the moon angel.

It is completely different from the well-known fortune-telling degree of general statistics,

We found a solution with the consultant himself,

As you can live better, real gods and buddhists can do spiritual,

A clairvoyant psychic person Ikeda Kanri ri

Closing to those who survive the modern era by using secret method of Shingon esoteric secrecy,

By using spirituality, perspective capability and telling the message of the Buddha and Buddha

We will support the consultant.Worried about those who have trouble

I would like to lighten it even a little.


I will not consolidate the business as soon as possible.The appraiser Ikeda Kanri river of 17 years of appraisal history,

In order to live better, as long as you can have a mental body, you utilize secret magic

I will advise you with a whole-hearted spirit for you.

For that reason, we have 0 troubles in appraiser history 18years (23 years ago since we started appraisal for free).



We also strictly manage the aspects of personal information and we strive to ensure that there are no leaks.

There is no staff in appraisal room.

Since we are in a separate room, we can talk with only Ikeda.

We have deleted contact information and e-mail after appraising each time.

(See privacy policy)


◆ Angel of the Moon ◆

I do not do persistent solicitation such as religion and seminar, inspiration commercial law, etc. at all.

Accounting is clear accounting only for appraisal fee (excluding spirit, wave correction included).

No additional fee or unknown fee will be incurred.

Nagoya mental counseling service office 

◆ Angel of the month ◆


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Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Chikusa-ku Uchiyama 3-25-6 Ichiko Chika Terminal Building

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Specific commercial transaction notation

We strongly prohibit unauthorized reprinting / unauthorized use of contents of this site, texts, images etc without permission.

In addition, quotation to the summary site such as NAVER summary is strictly prohibited.

Nagoya mental counseling service office

 ◆ Angel of the month ◆

Healing salon of beauty and health 

◆ Lavian rose ◆


 presided over, chief appraiser,

Kaori Ikeda

I have a strong inspiration since I was young, there is superpower in seeing through, often being consulted from a friend and being reliant.

My ancestors, relatives also have many shrines, shrine maidens, monks, nuns, even close relatives

There is a philanthropist (Shinto Buddhist examiner), a fortune-teller with clairvoyance, a prayer, a goddess, a spiritualist, and Utah.

I know that fact after becoming a social worker.

When I was an elementary school student, I held my hand or connected it to a friend who was injured or ill,

"I do not know how to do this," unconsciously began to use my own ability.

After graduating from college, I worked at a special support school as a teacher.

Spirit of guardian, God Buddha repeatedly, repeated message of "Please help people ..."

It leads to present by guidance. He became a testimony of Shingon Esoteric Bible, every day,

I am practicing strengthening the power of various wishful fulfillment techniques including spirituality, perspective, and spirit.

Age not disclosed. 18 years of appraisal history (We started appraisal at no cost from 23 years ago). Mother of 1 child.

Just by listening to your name, you can receive vision and messages.

From the person who meets face to face, at the moment I saw, from the human nature, everyday life, house layout, birth ...

Various information overflows behind the eyelids at once.

In case

Remote spirit, wave correction, house cleaning, desire to be completed.

In case

In the appraisal, we are currently in the past, the future, about the people around the querier,

I will tell you all what you want to ask as long as you can see with spirituality.

I would like to know clearly that "I want to know about ○ ○, it will be helpful.

However, questions such as gambling, lifespan can not be answered in some cases.

In case

In case

Message to the site visitor

In case

What do you think is the meaning of people born in this world?

It is for growing the soul. Your suffering now,

It is for the growth of the soul.

Know the challenges in this life, accomplish it,

Happiness, stability of the heart, please get the joy that the soul shines and trembles.

While becoming crushed by your troubles,

While being painful, painful and having an unavoidable feeling,

I hope to be strong, strong, and your ability to survive even a little.

Especially over 90% of consultants suffering for many years in exclusion, wave correction, which is included in appraisal fee

Physical and mental disorders, things that Western medicine did not have specifications

I am pleased that I got better and I am happy too.

Also, let me tell you a few spirits (Kazida), when I use it trying it out,

The direction of life turned to happiness, became love each other, got married, overcame the crisis of divorce etc

We are pleased.

To snuggle closely with the feeling of each one of our consultants with a whole body,

We will utilize the secret treasure handed down from generations to generations to appraise.


Try to appreciate those who live in modern times, to make Buddhist teachings old and old, to religious colors

To make sure that the appraisal room is also fashionable, not to lose her girls ability all the time,

I am striving to be sensitive to the flow of society.

Nagoya mental counseling service office ◆ Angel of the month ◆

〒 464 - 0075

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Chikusa-ku Uchiyama 3-25-6 Ichiko Chika Terminal Building

052-731-3235 090-2268-1980